PIVOT Testimonials

I found the business sessions informative, engaging and interactive. All participants took an active interest in my business. Interestingly I learnt more of what business is all about from different perspectives, and with their input had the opportunity to analyse my business and how we can deliver improved services to our clients.

Peter and Alan as facilitators provided clear methods to draw out information in a non-confrontational way an to guide the process, ensuring all participants contributed meaningfully to the conversation.

The Captains of Industry Roundtable Retreat provided a relaxed environment and was absolutely the correct balance between business and stress-reducing activities. This allowed me to refocus on, and to better understand what was important about my business and to plan ahead for the future.

Overall this was a very enjoyable experience with some great friendships being made. Ewing & Co already plan on having our key staff attend future Retreats to assist with their development. I would recommend attending a Pivot Executive Retreat to other Executives and Business Owners.



Byron Factor
Ewing & Company Pty Ltd

I attended the Pivot Executive Captains Retreat with an open mind to learning new ideas and a clear objective to become a better leader through meeting some fellow CEO’s and receiving useful insights and information through shared experiences and knowledge.

Master stroke by Peter and Alan in choosing the location. Playing roles as hosts, coaches, mentors and facilitators, they did fantastic job in keeping us all fed, hydrated, educated and entertained all in a professional and personal fashion.

At the initial meet and greet it was clear these were a great bunch of guys from varied walks of life and it was going to be a fun filled few days.

The balance between workshops and activities was perfect with one on one coaching in the evenings an added bonus. The food was fantastic, rooms were comfortable, conference area spacious with all the necessary technology provided. Finishing off we had the final breakfast together to finalized our individual action plans overlooking the spectacular Pacific Ocean.

After making some life long friendships it was sad to leave, but feeling refreshed and revitalized we headed back to reality armed with a renewed motivation, focus and vigor.

A big thank you to Peter and Alan and all the team at Pivot Executive.


Magnus Olson
Managing Director
Beech Constructions